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Veneluettelo.If you want to compete international, for example Zoom8 Worlds and Europeans you must have a sail with sailbutton from now on.Venettä ostaessa:
There are some boats circulating without ISAF Plaque.
Boats made before 2003 doesn´t need to have plaques, but for the sailor to be sure about that this is an older boat, they need to contact the Zoom8 Measurer Helmuth Gelmini or the Zoom8 President Anita Yngve to verify the age of the boat, and tell the Hullnumber.When the boats are produced in the factory they must have the ISAF Plaque. If they doesn´t have the plaque, they are not a Zoom8 dinghy.Therefore IZCA would like to inform the sailors that if they are offered a boat without plaque they have to check this before they buy it.