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Welcome to Finnish Zoom8 Class Web pages!

Zoom8 dinghy was born in Finland in 1991. Today there are over one thousand dinghies in various countries and the class has been accepted as an ISAF International Class.

Zoom8 kisapäivä takana

International readers, who are interested in getting some insight into Zoom8’s homeland can find some assistance on this page. Most of the links below will open on Finnish pages, but there is some information also in English.


News – Uutiset

Some news are also in English. You can find old news by scrolling the “headline bar”.

Zoom8 dinghy – Zoom8-jolla

Information of Zoom8. Link to English pages on

FIZ – Liitto

This page contains information of the Finnish Zoom8 Class Association, incl. contact data.

Calendar – Kalenteri

This page shows all important events with links to the organizer’s pages, if available.

Results and Ranking – Tulokset

These pages show the results of ranking events and National Championships as well as some other interesting results. More results can be found via the links on Calendar – kalenteri pages. The results page software is written by the webmaster and allows for easy and reliable input of results, including scoring functions.

The page shows the results of the national Zoom8 ranking series. It contains scoring mathematics for the unique FIZ ranking system. The ranking system takes into account the number of competitors in each event and the final position, giving some bonus to the first three positions. Currently there are 8 ranking events per season, and 5 best scores are taken to the final table. See ranking rules.

Instructions and rules – Ohjeet ja säännöt

Contains class rules, national rules, instructions, etc. Partly in English.

Links – Linkit

Here you can find links to other countries’ Zoom8 associations and other useful pages.

Feedback – Palaute

Here you can give comments about the pages to make them even better.

Home page – Etusivu

The home page shows the newest news, future events, and latest entries in chat, as well as links, not to forget the sponsors.